Don and "Sis" - note bird in upper R. corner

Western Wings Working Retrievers
  Stevensville, MT 59870 
Located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana

Training Programs


   Your dog is the most important hunting "equipment" you own.
Our goal is to provide programs that develop retrievers to fulfill their intended purpose in life--hunting!

   We choose to be a smaller kennel, with a maximum occupancy of 12. Our increased focus on each dog not only allows quicker and better training, but a more well-rounded dog who is an invaluable hunting companion,  a valued member of your family, AND a good citizen.
   Deliberate, daily exposure to a wide range of situations ensure a confident dog.  In addition to on-site training, we have access to over 2000 acres of  various types of hunting terrain. 
   The latest TriTronics remote training equipment lets us maintain immediate control of your dog while they are learning.  Using the collar's wide range of stimulation levels, we are able to correct a dog's behavior immediately at the point of the infraction. 

   Your hunting success and our reputation depend on a well-trained dog.  Any serious training program less than 90 days long can result in frustration for both the incompletely trained dog and their owner. For this reason, we require at least a three-month commitment to our programs, except for the Puppy program.
   We encourage you to attend our training sessions to become familiar with our training commands and to advance your knowledge of how to work with your dog. 
   We are available for an individual day training session with the owner--a very important part of the training program. We are committed to working with you until you are comfortably and successfully working with your dog.
   After training, give us a call--we'd like to know how your dog is doing! We are here to help sort out any problems, and work hard to make ourselves available to you.

Please note:  To guard your dog's health, we require that ALL dogs at our kennel have up-to-date medical records with WRITTEN proof  from a veterinarian that the dog is current on all shots, including distemper, adenovirus2 parainfluenza, leptospira, coronavirus, bordatollo and rabies.


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